Client: 23andMe / Project: "Frank" Prod. Company: Bows X Arrows / Director: Erin Sanger / DP: Brandon Roots / Mix, dialog cleanup, noise reduction, sweetening

Client: Apollo Theater / Project: Donor Videos / Prod. Company: Hiker Company / DP: Mike Farino /Production sound, post mix, original music, VO record   (over 200+ versions)

Client: Food Network + Mixology Post / Project: "Introducing the Cooking Channel" / Agency: Leroy & Clarkson / Post mix 

Client: Travelers / Project: "Zaadii's Unfinished Story" /Agency: TBWA\Chiat-Day NY/ Post mix , sound design

Client: Target / Project: Imrov Everywhere "Holiday Boombox" / Production Company: Deverge / Post mix, dialog cleanup, noise reduction, boom operator

Client: United Airlines / Project: In-flight Safety Videos / Production Company: IKA Collective/Mixology / VO record, post mix in over 50 languages

Client: Nissan / Project: "Stay Away" / Agency: TBWA\ChiatDayNY / Production Company: Redslash / iPhone audio cleanup, noise reduction, mix, sound design 

Client: UPS + TED / Project: "Out of the Box" / Production Company: Incurrent Media / Sound design, mix

Client: Sourland Films / Project: "Godspeed, Los Polacos" (Feature Documentary) / Dialog cleanup, noise reduction, sound design, mix, master for theatrical release

Project: "Fight Knight" (TV Documentary) / Production Company: Modern Epic / Sound design, mix, dialog cleanup

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