Client: Nike / Project: Nike Careers / Agency: Butchershop / DP: Byron Werner​​​​​​​

Client: Netflix / Project: Fyre - The Greatest Party That Never Happened / Agency: Jerry Media / Director: Chris Smith​​​​​​​

Client: Canon / Project: Cinema Eos Spotlight - Jimmy Chin / Agency: 360i / DP: Peter Trilling​​​​​​​

Client: Palace Skateboards / Project: Palace X NYC / Agency: MPC Creative / DP: Ben Coughlan​​​​​​​

Client: Bombay Saphire / Production Company: Vice / DP: Konstantin Lyubimov​​​​​​​

Client: Johnson & Jonhson / Project: Vaccine Hesitancy PSA / Agency: Vimby / DP: Josh Weinhaus

Client: West Elm / Project: West Elm Design Series / DP: Tamino Castro

Client: West Elm / Project: Holiday Hosting Hotline / DP: Tamino Castro

Client: AMEX + Fedex / Project: "AMEX Open" / Prod. Company: Derby / Agency: Space 150

Client: / Project: "Kids Say" / Production Company: New Leaf Production Group / DP: Dan Kennedy

Client: Sony Music / Project: Billy Porter Presents / Prod. Company: Slam! Media Group / DP: Peter Trilling

Client: Universal Music Group / Project: Jeremy Zucker "Circles" 

Client: MTV/Paramount / Production Company: HollandWest Productions / DP: Matt Seger

Client: MINI / Project: "Best Friend's Animal Society" / Agency: 360i

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